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3rd of July was Explosive

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3rd of July was Explosive

I should have blogged about this a while ago; however we were working hard on the update for the website and getting more concert dates booked ­čÖé Okay, so I am slacker! LOL Whatever the case┬ámaybe we had such a great time at this year’s Williston Independence Day Festival and Fireworks show on July 3rd, 2013. The show had marked the 4th year that we had played the event that now draws up to 20,000 attendees. Williston took a big chance on us some many years ago when we were just getting started and being a band that didn’t play many covers nor had a big draw.

However this year was different, awesome even as I sat back and thought about it, the really cool part this year was that we had rebuilt the band, had new songs, new shirts, and had fined tuned the live show to give the crowd a really cool experience. Also, I felt like the fans in the crowd are becoming more like family, which I am sure for veteran acts like my friends the Bellamy Brothers after 35 years of touring that’s what happens.

On one hand, you guys believe in us and have watched us crawl, helped us to now walk, and hopefully soon will see us run much like you would your own families. One the other hand, we have watched you guys have kids, get married, graduate college, and more over the last half decade through our Social pages and what you tell us at our meet and greets and concerts.

For instance, I was taken back as well when a young mother to be said I love you guys your my favorite band she stated while buying a t-shirt, which she promptly put on after. And, I thought her baby is going to be a new fan raised up on our music and influenced by our songs. I know scary right?! However, it was motivating to me that people have taken to our brand of Country music and who we are that they would wear our gear, listen to our CDs till they wear out and come out to the shows year after year.

Although this is what its all about, you can hear about it from roadies, sound men and other musicians, but until you have lived it and have that personal experience you truly don’t know the impact that it leaves you with. With this being said I’m sure I speak for all of us here in the band, when I say thanks so much for giving us an experience of lifetime. We will continue to share with you our lives at home and on the road and we look forward to hearing about yours…


Thanks for Believing,

Shane Wooten

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