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Why Did You Start Shane Wooten Band?

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Why Did You Start Shane Wooten Band?

Recently, I was contacted by a fan, which asked what motivated me to start the Shane Wooten Band? Although over the years that is a question that has came up during magazine and radio interviews, I wanted to take a minute to answer this fans question in an open forum and for you incase you were wondering if not jump back to Candy Crush.

The concept for the Shane Wooten Band came from a very different place than most bands because I didn’t start the band

in high school to get hot chicks or for a reason to drink beer and hang out with my buddies not that those are bad reasons either. My story comes from a different place, I was wrapping up my undergraduate degree in Psychology at the University of Central Florida. While sitting in class by a group of students I overheard a girl talking about her job and how they were looking for toys to give to the abused and neglected children that were cared for at the non-profit 501-C, known as Kimberly’s Cottage.

I could not help but over hear the fact that there were a lot of children affected and that essentially they were abused or neglected by their close families and during the holidays it was very hard to get them toys and such. I thought to myself this sucks! I put myself in the child’s place and thought how I would feel to not only be abused by people that were closest to me but to also loose the magic of Christmas when no toys arrived on that magical night.

I turned around and stated you know someone should do something about that don’t you guys get donations from places or national toy drives? And, the answer was shockingly no! I said well let me think about it and see what I could come up with and the Shane Wooten Band was born… At the time I was an actor with a theater group and had sang in talent shows in the past growing up so I thought hey let’s do this. I will organize an event and put on a concert for the community, known as Toys for Tykes Country Jam. Next, I called some community sponsors in town, such as Tiny Tykes Child Care, which became the headline sponsor and their staff agreed to help out. Then I started calling bands and performers from Nashville to Clearwater to come out and perform and booked our hometown square as a venue. Thanks to the town we collected hundreds of toys for those kids so they could have a Christmas worth talking about, I performed on stage that night and was bitten by the bug, and the rest is history!

We put on that event for several years in several counties that did not have the ability to collect toys and the communities pulled together to help their local neighbors bring back the magic of Christmas for the kids…

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