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Monkey Hunting on the Silver River

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Shane Wooten and Nic Ward head down the Silver River in search of the fabled monkeys from the old Tarzan movies filmed at Silver Springs over 50 years ago.

After traveling through the state park, and into Silver Springs Nature’s Theme Park, spotting various wildlife and bumping into friend and National Geographic photographer Mark Emery, the two discover the tribe of monkeys.

After taking photos and video, the two adventures played the song Shovelin’ Sunshine. The monkeys showed approval and seemed sad as the musicians floated away in canoes.

Missing from video is when Shane accidentally pushed a momma gator with his paddle. He spotted five or six baby alligators entering the water only seconds before. Since this is a G-rated video, we had to leave it out.

*No monkeys were harmed in the making of this film.

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