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Recording Artist Shane Wooten Joins Nashville All-Star Project to Fight Racism and Bullying

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Recording Artist Shane Wooten Joins Nashville All-Star Project to Fight Racism and Bullying



Ocala, FL – October 30, 2013 – Florida based singer Shane Wooten has joined a national cast of recording artists for an epic and ground breaking Nashville recording and video to fight racism and bullying.

For the first time in history, producer Wayne Warner has written and produced a song, which will include a singer from each state to make up the United States Choir which includes Olympic Gold Medalist Greg Louganis and American Idol’s Dave Pittman. The production of Nashville’s top musicians singing in harmony presents a great platform where all come together to promote a message of unity with an astounding cast of voices from every background.

“Painted Hands” is a song and video covering many heavy topics, such as racism, bullying, and more with one that will touch hearts, and hopefully – heal souls. “Its proof that music remains the universal language and that voices in unity can foster amazing achievements.” – Wayne Warner

“Painted Hands”. Written and produced by former Atlantic recording artist Wayne Warner for his associated Melodical Hearts Foundation was inspired by the true and tragic story of Virgil Ware. Murdered at the age of just thirteen, Ware was a victim of events related to the 1963 civil rights movement in Birmingham. “The story of this little boy pulled me in and I knew it had to be told,” says Warner. When hearing the stories of today’s equality issues (ie, bullying, social, racial, etc.) Warner felt that Virgil’s soul could help to weave many of these issues together allowing the music to have the conversation.

Melodical Hearts Foundation is known for their work with “Making Music That Matters”, which has produced projects such as “God Bless The Children” featuring Statler Brothers (tenor singer), Country Music Hall of Fame member Jimmy Fortune, CMA Entertainer of the Year Taylor Swift, and many more household names.. The song and video went on to become one of the most successful adoption PSA campaigns for The Dave Thomas Foundation. See VIDEO – –

“Being on the list with other artist, such as Taylor Swift, Bryan White, Jimmy Fortune of The Statlor Brothers and many more who have worked with the Melodical Hearts foundation is an honor and privilege that I am truly grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of. And, with all the teen suicides that have been associated with bullying in the media recently, I hope that this song and movement that it represents will help to abolish bullying among our youth.” – Shane Wooten

“Painted Hands” has a simple melody that pulls you in with a powerful message that commands attention. “When the right subject finds the right words for the right melody, then these issue’s have a way of reaching ears that would otherwise be void of these important concerns.” – Wayne Warner.

Project manager Juanita Lee stated we are honored to have Shane as a part of this project, the country format, as well as others, have always shared a common thread of passion as well as compassion and are known to be amazing and generous with their time, treasure and talent. Projects such as this, celebrate such unity.

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Please help the cause by purchasing the “Painted Hands” ft the United States Choir single now!

About The Melodical Hearts Foundation:

Our mission is to unite the power of music and video for a positive effect by raising awareness concerning our nation’s youth and family strengthening through radio and media outlets. We continue our mission. Teaming with high profile celebrities, recording artists, athlete’s, radio and television, to give a voice to our youth and modern concerns while supporting and highlighting many foundations and organizations who unite in this cause

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