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Shane Wooten Band’s Backyard BBQ Contest Giveaway!!!

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Purple Doves 259
Brenda Hiers 135
Wendy Berry Cox 132
Donnie Riggs 22
Wanda Brue Sessions 4
Donna Washburn 2
Beverly Cowan Weeden 1
Bradley Black 1

Shane Wooten Band loves BBQ and good times spent with their fans/friends, which is why the boys decided to offer their fans the chance to have a private concert in their own backyard with all their family and  friends! Meet n Greet with Shane Wooten and guitarist Nic Ward before they take the stage to perform their hit songs off the new 6 pack album.

How to Win:

When the band gets 1000 new likes, they will add up the comments, if you sent the most people, you win its just that easy!