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SWB Added Pintrest, Google +, Facebook, Twitter and More!

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SWB Added Pintrest, Google +, Facebook, Twitter and More!

Here at Shane Wooten Band we love to socialize with our friends/fans that’s you! We noticed that everyone has their favorite places to get social, such as Pintrest, Twitter, Google +, Facebook, Stumble Upon and more.

We are working hard to create an awesome experience for our friends/fans to interact with us and their online communities,

which is why you will notice that we added most of the popular social sites to all our posts here on the Shane Wooten Band website so you can quickly share our content with your friends, family, or people you don’t even like! LOL

Please remember that every time you share our content you help us spread our music and brand to another person(s) and that is awesome! We count on each of you out there to help us get to the next show, to get our music added to the next radio station’s rotation, or more and it is you all that is making the difference. NO PRESSURE! I have stated from day one as some of you know that without the friends/fans to listen to the music their would be no music and this has not changed. Thanks in advance for helping us spread the good word about the Shane Wooten Band!

Please let us know by commenting below, which social sites you love to share content on 🙂 Thanks!

Thanks for Believing,

Shane Wooten

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