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Shane Wooten Band’s 2011 Year End Review

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Shane Wooten Band’s 2011 Year End Review

While looking back on 2011, the Shane Wooten Band has been on the move! Jan 1, 2011 – The band celebrates their new #1 hit Florida single “Running with a Redneck Crowd” featuring the Bellamy Brothers written by Clyde Howell and produced by Bellamy Brothers’ Records. The single was released only a few months prior in November of 2010. However it quickly was added to radio stations worldwide.

For example, Clear channel’s Weekly top 30 featuring  the red hot spotlight hosted by Dave Darrel on Kix Country added the song, the station’s 2010 year end voter’s choice listeners voted the single into the #1 spot,  and the song was featured on the 2010 New Year’s Eve Countdown as the top Florida single.

Jan 8, 2011 – After, the Shane Wooten Band gets the call from Gator Harley Davidson, they open for the Southern Rock Allstars, which is a band made up of some of Southern rock’s legendary players from Molly Hatchet, Blackfoot, Lynyrd Skynyrd and more. The band rocks the stage and catches the attention of the Southern Rock Allstar’s drummer Mark “Bam Bam” McConnell, which is the former drummer for Sebastian Bach and Blackfoot. Since then Mark and Shane have stayed in close contact throughout the 2011 year.

Jan 28, 2010 – Shane Wooten and Nic Ward (Guitar player) dared to do something that hardly anyone on the planet has ever done; walk across Florida! Shane conceptualized the event he appropriately titled “Walk Across Florida” starting in Daytona Beach and crossing the great state ending up in Clearwater Beach. The walk took 5 days and 167 miles raising money for the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Florida.

In addition, the boys shot live video, while on the walk and meet with friends/fans along the way at different planned stops. Along the walk they chased wild turkeys through the woods and had many adventures along the trail, which some of  can be seen on Shane Wooten Band’s YouTube Channel.

Next, the band is offered a spot playing at “Countryfest 2011” presented by Kix Country and Budweiser as the opening act for headliner Marty Stuart, which spurs a small tour through the State of Florida. Countryfest 2011 was held in Port Charlotte, FL on Sunday April 3, 2011 and drew a large crowd of 15,000 spectators, which to date was one of the largest events the band has performed in front of.

However, the band was anything less than shy, captivating the crowd by pulling out all the stops, such as throwing out beads to the crowd, Shane kicking a giant beach ball from the stage, and then Shane running out into the crowd to slap hands and dance during the show.

Furthermore, video footage from this show was used to make an unofficial video of their new hit single “Running with a Redneck Crowd” featuring the Bellamy Brothers and is posted up on YouTube and has already logged over 1,000 hits to date.

April 9, 2011 – Another date on the tour  the band returns home to North Central Florida to play the Levy County Fair in Levy County Fair 2011 featuring Shane Wooten BandWilliston, FL as the headlining act and rocks the stage for a large crowd of thousands that are attending the long running event. Shane was excited to play the event because he had thrown watermelons in the area with his cousin during summers growing up. And, the Williston Pioneer published a great article on Shane Wooten about his consistent growth in the Country music industry over the last several years since the band started. However, the fun stops when the touring van breaks down after the show leaving the band in the middle of no where in late at night, which Shane records the breakdown on his phone and uploads it to YouTube breakdown.

June & July, 2011 – The “Corndogs & Ferris Wheels” tour stared to slow down; however during the year Shane had been talking with a new start up organization, known as Justice for All Revolution, which website helps people worldwide with psychological illness, psychical/mental abuse, and much more. The organization’s CEO Patty Cummings asks Shane to be their 2011 celebrity spokesperson for the org due to Shane’s motivational attitude, past success as a State and World karate champion, undergraduate degree in Psychology/Master’s in Business, and ability to connect with his fans in the music industry. The partnership will take Shane and the band on a whirlwind tour across the Midwest with stops at some of the biggest fairs and festivals in the Midwest.

During the tour in the the Midwest, the band is asked to headline 2 of the biggest festivals in Florida, the Williston Independence Day festival  and fireworks on July 2, 2011 in Williston, FL. And, God and Country Day’s Independence Day festival and fireworks on July 4, 2011 Ocala, FL. Both prove to be huge shows with 15,000 attendees in Williston and over 20,000 in Ocala, FL.

Furthermore, the band makes an unofficial video for “Pitbulls and Chainsaws” featuring the Bellamy Brothers written by David Bellamy produced by Bellamy Brothers’ Records with some of the footage from the 4th of July show where they introduced a chainsaw on stage for the first time. The video had been a fan favorite since it was released and continue to be  a favorite on tour  and on FM radio across the world.

Shane goes back into the studio during the fall of 2011 and begins working on several new songs with the Bellamy Brothers, such as “Get a Little Crazy” and “White Trash” which will be featured on the upcoming 6 pack album to be released in 2012. During that time the band’s booking agent 3LDR books a small tour across Florida with a stop in a brand new city to the state, known as Ave Maria, FL, which is a town based on Catholic religion. The band has a great time in the city and inspired Shane to write an article titled Finding the Lost City of Ave Maria 

With the year winding down Shane receives an invitation from the American Country Music Chart to be part of an article titled “Country Music’s Holiday Favorites and Recipes” featuring some of Nashville’s biggest stars. Shane submits his holiday favorite Pecan Pie recipe for the story without knowing that the article will become the most viewed article on the ACMC website, grabbing national attention from fans, radio stations, and more.

Lastly, Shane decides to put pen to paper and wrote his first Christmas song titled “Man I Love Christmas Time” which he co-produced with his band-mate Nic Ward set to the instrumental track from “Shovel’n Sushine” an earlier Florida hit single for the band in ’09. Shane states the song was inspired after reading some new’s articles and hearing television commentary that continues to surround the Christmas tradition over the last several years calling to rename some of the holiday’s items, such as a Christmas tree being renamed Holiday tree. Shane releases the song late in December; however the song was quickly picked up and placed in rotation by internet and FM radio stations worldwide and the American Country Music Chart decided to feature Shane’s press release on his first Christmas single along with a link to the video.

However, the year was not officially over because on New Year’s Eve, Shane gets a surprise call, when Clear Channel’s Dave Darrel host of Kix Country’s Top 40 Countdown and Red Hot Spot Light contacts Shane and requests a copy of “Man I Love Christmas Time” and an interview, which was featured on the the station’s 2011 Year end Countdown.

….. To Be Continued in 2012!