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Shane Wooten Leaves for the Midwest to Walk the Red Carpet with Justice for All Revolution

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(Ocala, FL – June 09, 2011) Shane Wooten was picked up today by worldwide help organization Justice for All Revolution as a spokesperson to appear at red carpet events in Peoria, IL and St Lois, Mo. Also, Shane will be doing a string of appearances and performances around the Midwest during the next month and will consult with the organization to ensure the success of their new online self-help website, which features celebrities, authors, and business professionals that talk with members in over 15 chat rooms ranging from cancer survivors to animal rights. For example, “Teen Talk,” which is a free feature of the site allows teens to speak their mind in a safe and monitored environment.

“I was really excited to hear the news when my management contacted me to inform me that I would be flying out on Tuesday for a month to work on this really cool project” – Shane  

Shane was originally noticed by the organization’s founder Patty Cummings through the internet and took an interest in Shane’s music and personality. “I really thought that Shane connected with his fans and was always giving them motivational advice and not just trying to sell them a CD” [laughs]

Shane and his Florida based team meet today after hearing the news and decided to video what he has dubbed “30 days of Hope” during his first adventure that will take him to the Midwest back to Florida for his July performances and back to the Midwest. “I am really counting on my friends/fans for all their help and support, which they have always given me up to this point, I am very fortunate to have the awesome fans and support team around me.” – Shane

Please follow Shane’s adventure at for daily video updates and find out more about Justice for All Revolution at

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