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Shane Wooten Accepted into the CMA

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Shane Wooten Accepted into the CMA

CMAWow! It has been a journey to say the least! First, let me start by saying that when some may see this stop as a destination I can assure you that this is only the beginning. My team has been working tirelessly to get to this point where we are recognized by the Country music industry and allowed to participate with the CMA.

For instance, several years ago we were told by folks in the business to apply for the CMA; however when we applied we were rejected. Why you ask? Well, at the time we were not playing festival events with audiences of 10s of thousands on a regular basis and if we were it was only here and there. Also, we didn’t have industry connections and venues that would vouch for us.

Now, after several years of hard work, our Wooten Army of Fans, industry friends like the #BellamyBrothers and #TCRidge of South of Georgia and some awesome venues, such as CountryFest had our backs.

Sometimes I loose site of where we came from starting out and how we have grown as a start up of people dreaming to make it to the next level and stand on stages among the legends of Country music. And, then I fill out paperwork that only a few years ago asked questions that I could have never dreamed of being able to answer and check off.

Well, this year we could check those boxes and we had friends that could speak  for us and fans that have our backs! And, that feels really good…. Thanks so much for that and everything that you all do to feed our dream because with out you all there would be no Shane Wooten Band!

Finally, I can only hope that what we have planned next for 2015 will continue to push us up even higher and offer you some of the best live and recorded experiences available… Thanks so much for everything that you all do and most of  all thanks for believing!

– Shane Wooten

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