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Why Shane Wooten Band Chose Gamification

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Why Shane Wooten Band Chose Gamification

While planning out the new Shane Wooten Band Website, we decide that Gamification was a must have. We wanted to create an awesome experience for  everyone of you that have believed in us and have stuck with us over the last 5 years. We choose to work with a start up, known as Punch Tab for the gamification experience. What is gamification? First, time you access our site you will see at the

lower side and bottom of the screen on traditional monitors and in the upper right hand corner of mobile devices a small banner that states badges so be sure to click it. Once you click on the banner you will be asked to log-in with your Facebook account and right away you will start earning badges and points for things that you do here at For example,

  • visiting the site each day,
  • making a comment on a post
  • posting something to Facebook from the site
  • posting sometihng to Google+ from the site
  • giveaway offers
  • and much more

Additionally, we are able to set up contest giveaways through Punch Tab. For instance, we have set up a contest that is running through September and will give one lucky fan a t-shirt and autographed CD. All they have to do to enter to win is click on the offer when visiting, then through their new gamification account they just follow tasks to improve their chances. 

What can I do with all these awesome points you may be thinking? You can trade the points in, when you reach different levels for real world rewards, such as gift cards for Target, Amazon, Starbucks, and more.  Plus we can see the super fans on the leader board, which lets us know who is really hitting the site and helping to push us up to worldwide stardom and reward them for it!

Now, we thought that this would create a saweeet experience and with that gift card earned we know you want to immediately purchase one of our newly designed ROCKIN’ t-shirts, tanks or maybe pick up an autographed CD! LOL

Hey, all kidding aside we know times are tight so why not visit your favorite band’s website and earn cash doing it.

Please leave comments below and start earning points now!!! Thanks!

Thanks for Believing,
Shane Wooten